Harsh Swami

Harsh Swami

Jr QA Engineer @ Netcracker Technology

Delhi, IN • Joined Jul 2023

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I am an enthusiastic and driven computer application graduate with a Master's degree from the University of Hyderabad.

Work experience

2 years 5 months

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Netcracker Technology

1 year 9 months

Jr QA Engineer

September 2022 - Present


Performed migration and functional testing for a prominent Canada-based telecommunications company, ensuring seamless transition of systems and applications. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve issues, optimizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Enhanced quality assurance procedures, resulting in improved system performance and customer satisfaction. Contributed to successful project completion through meticulous attention to detail and effective communication.

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8 month

Software Engineer Intern

December 2021 - July 2022


Developed software solutions for banking domain institutions, contributing to increased efficiency and accuracy in financial operations. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze business requirements and design innovative solutions. Implemented robust code enhancements and conducted thorough testing, resulting in improved system performance and customer satisfaction. Assisted in the successful deployment of new banking applications, ensuring seamless integration and adherence to industry regulations.


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University of Hyderabad

2019 - 2022

Masters of Computer Applications in Computer Applications

July 2019 - July 2022

Education: - Masters of Computer Applications, Hyderabad University, 2019-2022 - Relevant coursework: Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Database Management Systems Narrative: During my time at Hyderabad University, I actively pursued opportunities to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical settings. As part of my academic journey, I undertook a project that showcased the intersection of technology and healthcare. For one of my projects, I collaborated with a medical shop to develop an innovative software solution that streamlined their inventory management and improved customer service. By leveraging my skills in programming and database management systems, I created an efficient system that allowed the shop to track their stock, manage expiration dates, and generate real-time reports. This project not only contributed to the shop's overall efficiency but also enhanced their ability to serve their customers effectively. Additionally, I delved into the field of machine learning, exploring its applications and potential. Through hands-on projects, I developed machine learning models that solved complex problems and made accurate predictions. By utilizing various algorithms and techniques, I was able to analyze large datasets and extract valuable insights. These projects demonstrated my ability to apply advanced computational techniques to real-world scenarios and showcase the power of machine learning in driving data-informed decision-making. Overall, my education journey focused on impactful projects that combined my passion for technology with practical problem-solving. These experiences have equipped me with a solid foundation in computer science and a deep understanding of how technology can create meaningful and lasting impacts in various domains.

Awards & achievements

Netcracker Technology

STAR Performer

Jun 2023