Siddhi Bansal


Currently at

The Sparks Foundation

Working since 2021

Work experience

6 months

Avg tenure: 4 months

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Bachelor of Technology - BTech

Mody University of Science and Technology

Jul 2019 - Jun 2023


Computer Science undergraduate student with a strong academic record and programming background, specializing in competitive coding, data visualization, and machine learning. Completed training at REgex Software Services, gaining expertise in machine learning and deep learning with Python. Completed projects using these technologies, including Stock Market Price Prediction using LSTM and World GDP Prediction. Possess exceptional problem-solving and ownership skills. Confident that experience and skill set make an ideal candidate, seeking a professional growth opportunity.

Work experience

6 months

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The Sparks Foundation

2 month

Data Science and Business Analytics Intern

September 2021 - October 2021

Part time

Conducted impactful exploratory data analysis on terrorism datasets during a one-month internship at The Sparks Foundation. Contributed to data science and business analytics projects, showcasing strong analytical skills. Exemplified dedication and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression with valuable insights generated.

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REGex Software

4 month

Machine Learning Trainee

May 2021 - August 2021


- Taken comprehensive training sessions on machine learning technology, equipping team members with essential skills and knowledge - Successfully implemented machine learning projects, utilizing acquired training to drive impactful solutions - Demonstrated expertise in applying machine learning algorithms, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and efficiency - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and execute machine learning projects, fostering seamless integration and synergy among various departments - Regularly monitored and analyzed machine learning models, proactively identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary adjustments - Actively contributed to the development of innovative machine learning strategies, aligning them with organizational goals and objectives - Provided ongoing support and guidance to team members, ensuring they consistently deliver high-quality results in machine learning projects.


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Mody University of Science and Technology

2019 - 2023

Bachelor of Technology - BTech in Computer Science

July 2019 - June 2023

Undergraduate computer science student actively pursuing an education in the field. Currently enrolled in a program focused on acquiring comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in computer science. Proactively seeking opportunities to apply theoretical concepts through hands-on experiences and projects. Committed to continuous learning and staying updated with industry advancements to contribute effectively in a professional setting.


Forecasting world GDP Growth Using Machine Learning

Sep 2021 - Dec 2021

Mody University of Science and Technology

- Developed and executed a project focused on forecasting global GDP growth using machine-learning techniques - Utilized the random forest algorithm to accurately predict GDP for various countries across different timeframes including past, present, and future years - Implemented an interactive and user-friendly interface on the browser using Streamlit to display the forecasted results - Successfully achieved accurate and reliable predictions, enabling practical analysis and decision-making based on projected GDP growth.

Stock Price Prediction Using LSTM

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

REGex Software

- Implemented project by utilizing Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, and various Python libraries. - Analyzed daily stock status and accurately predicted future trends. - Utilized supervised learning techniques to accurately predict the average closing price for the following day. - Employed four powerful regression models: Linear regression, Decision Tree regression, Support vector regression, and Random forest regression.

Awards & achievements


Aug 2021