Manoj kumar R

Manoj kumar R

Sales Executive Lead Manager @ Neo Sales

Hyderabad, IN • Joined Aug 2023


Experienced professional with strong leadership and time-management skills. Successfully managed teams to meet project deadlines and deliver high-quality results. Led cross-functional collaboration, ensuring seamless communication and efficient workflow. Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and effectively allocate resources, resulting in increased productivity. Proven track record of successfully implementing strategies and driving organizational growth. Adept at adapting to changing environments and consistently exceeding expectations.

Work experience

4 years 6 months

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Neo Sales

4 years

Sales Executive Lead Manager

February 2020 - Present



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Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET), Hyderabad

2019 - 2023


March 2019 - May 2023

Education Details: - Bachelor's Technical Engineering, JNTUH University, Graduated with Honors Narrative for Education Details: Possessing strong leadership skills, I have successfully completed my Bachelor's Degree with Haunor . During my time at JNTUH University, I actively participated in various student organizations and clubs, assuming leadership roles that allowed me to further develop my communication and decision-making abilities. Additionally, I consistently demonstrated a proactive approach to problem-solving and an ability to motivate and inspire my peers. I engaged in rigorous coursework that emphasized strategic thinking and organizational behavior. As a proactive learner, I actively sought opportunities to apply my knowledge through internships and co-curricular projects, where I honed my ability to lead diverse teams and drive successful outcomes. My education has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of Technical And business principles and practices, allowing me to effectively analyze complex situations and make informed decisions. Furthermore, my experience in leadership roles has instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility, accountability, and the ability to adapt to dynamic environments. Overall, my education and leadership experiences have equipped me with the skills necessary to drive impactful change, lead teams, and contribute to the success of any organization.

Awards & achievements

Neo Sales

Achived A Crew Leader

Apr 2022