Bibhay Jha

Bibhay Jha

Management Trainee @ Genpact

Delhi, IN • Joined Aug 2023


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Proficient in Python programming, machine learning, data visualization, MySQL, data wrangling, deep learning, problem-solving, mathematics, and data mining. Successfully completed a capstone project on Netflix and Play Store. Recently finished a full-stack data science course from Almabetter. Actively seek opportunities to enhance skills and strive to solve complex data queries.

Work experience

1 years 8 months

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1 year

Management Trainee

June 2023 - Present


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1 year

Full Stack Data Science

December 2022 - Present


Acquired comprehensive knowledge from scratch while at Almabetter, demonstrating a proactive approach to learning. Contributed to team success by implementing innovative strategies and efficiently executing tasks. Collaborated with colleagues to optimize processes, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations. Consistently achieved targets, displaying a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence. Adapted quickly to new challenges and demonstrated a commitment to personal growth and professional development.


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Lovely Professional University (LPU), Phagwara

2023 - Present

MCA in Master of Computer Application

June 2023 - Present

Education: Master in Computer Application Lovely Professional University, City, State Relevant Coursework: - Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures - Object-Oriented Programming and Design - Database Management Systems - Systems Analysis and Design - Web Development During my time at Master Degree University, I demonstrated a strong commitment to developing my technical skills and excelled in my coursework. I consistently achieved top grades, earning a Magna Cum Laude designation upon graduation. Through my studies, I gained a deep understanding of advanced algorithms and data structures, enabling me to efficiently solve complex problems. Moreover, my proficiency in object-oriented programming and design allowed me to create robust and scalable software solutions. To further enhance my knowledge, I actively participated in database management systems courses. This hands-on experience equipped me with the ability to efficiently organize and analyze large sets of data, contributing to improved decision-making processes. Additionally, my coursework in systems analysis and design honed my skills in identifying system requirements and designing intuitive user interfaces. Recognizing the increasing significance of web development, I undertook specialized courses in this field. Through these endeavors, I acquired expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling me to create dynamic and visually appealing websites. Furthermore, I developed strong problem-solving and debugging skills, ensuring smooth functionality and optimal user experience. Overall, my education has provided me with a solid foundation in computer science and technical skills. I am well-equipped to tackle complex projects, utilizing my knowledge and abilities to drive impactful outcomes.

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Delhi University

2019 - 2022

Bachelor of Commerce - BComm in Accounts & Finance

June 2019 - July 2022



Feb 2023 - Present


Data Analytics and Visualization Virtual Experience

May 2023 - Present

Awards & achievements

Certification of R for Data Science

Jul 2023

Certification of Python for Data Science

Jun 2023