Supervisor @ BIPL

IN • Joined Aug 2023


Effective and results-oriented professional with a strong focus on teamwork and communication. Demonstrated ability to collaborate with diverse teams, fostering positive relationships to achieve common goals. Exceptional interpersonal skills, ensuring seamless interactions with colleagues and clients. Diligent and punctual worker, consistently valuing and optimizing time management. Whether as a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, I bring a dedicated work ethic and a commitment to achieving success in any role.

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2 years 8 months

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2 years


November 2021 - Present


work in a fast-paced retail environment, where I successfully managed a team of [number] employees and consistently met or exceeded sales targets. - Supervised a team of [number] employees, providing clear direction and support to ensure efficient and effective daily operations. - Implemented new sales strategies that increased overall sales by [percentage]. - Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by effectively training and developing team members, resulting in a [percentage] increase in productivity. - Proactively identified and resolved customer issues, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and repeat business. - Utilized strong organizational skills to manage inventory and streamline processes, reducing waste and improving efficiency. - Collaborated with management to develop and implement employee recognition programs, resulting in increased morale and reduced turnover. - Maintained a safe and clean work environment, consistently meeting and exceeding company standards for cleanliness and safety.


Polytechnics namsai

2020 - Present

Civil engineer in Civel engineer

August 2020 - Present

Education: - Completed a Civil Engineering Fribetor Diploma at Polytechnics Namsai. Narrative: Enthusiastically pursued a Civil Engineering Fribetor Diploma at Polytechnics Namsai, leveraging a strong desire to excel in the field of civil engineering. Demonstrated commitment and dedication throughout the program, consistently delivering exceptional results. Mastered essential concepts and theories, enabling the application of advanced engineering principles to real-world projects. Actively engaged in hands-on learning experiences, successfully completing practical assignments and projects with precision and accuracy. Absorbed an extensive curriculum, encompassing various aspects of civil engineering, including structural analysis, construction management, and geotechnical engineering. Proactively sought opportunities to expand knowledge through extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded skill set. Eagerly absorbed feedback and incorporated it into continuous improvement strategies, consistently striving for excellence in academic endeavors. This comprehensive educational journey has equipped me with a solid foundation and a passion to excel as a civil engineer.


Watering drain

Nov 2021 - Present


- Successfully implemented a project focused on improving drainage systems on road sides - Effectively assessed and identified areas in need of water drain installations - Constructed and installed water drains on road sides to prevent water accumulation and flooding - Demonstrated expertise in utilizing appropriate tools and equipment for drain installation - Improved road safety and reduced the risk of accidents caused by water accumulation - Enhanced road infrastructure and reduced maintenance costs by implementing efficient drainage systems

Awards & achievements


Watring drain

Mar 2022