Vijay Kumar

IN • Joined Jul 2023


Government Holkar Science College (Indore)

2021 - Present

Master of Science in Computer Science

August 2021 - Present

Through the curriculum, I have acquired comprehensive knowledge of Computer Science, ranging from fundamental principles to cutting-edge advancements. The program empowered me to master Data Structures and Algorithms, while emphasizing the enhancement of computer-centric logical reasoning skills. Additionally, I gained exposure to Electronics principles, including digital communication, further enriching my understanding. Within the coursework, Computer Networking emerged as a pivotal subject, underscoring its significance in my skillset.

IPS Acadmey Indore

2018 - 2021

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science

July 2018 - July 2021

Acquired proficiency in C/C++ programming languages and gained comprehensive knowledge of Data Structures and Linux commands during coursework. Excelled in advanced Mathematics & Physics subjects, encompassing topics such as Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, Relativity, Thermodynamics, and more, as part of a Triple Major program.