snedan francis

Sales and Marketing(Digital) @ Kotian Photography

Bengaluru, IN • Joined Jun 2023


My educational and professional journey began at the prestigious UPSC, where I dove headfirst into learning and developing my abilities. But my unquenchable thirst for financial autonomy led me to the fascinating field of digital marketing, where a world of unexplored opportunities waited. The enormous scalability of Meta advertisements piqued my interest, so I dove headfirst into learning all I could about advertising on Facebook. Realizing its enormous potential to attract and engage people all around the world, I set out to master the art of developing highly targeted, highly engaging campaigns that provide observable, quantifiable outcomes. However, performance marketing is more than just ad placement; it is based on a data-driven strategy that is always looking to improve and succeed. I am a firm believer in the value of using analytics and KPIs to guide deliberation and make better decisions, thus I study data thoroughly. By digging into the data, I find actionable insights that inform my plans and help me fine-tune my campaigns for maximum success. In addition to my experience in advertising, I've also been studying Content Marketing and performing some basic Search Engine Optimization. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that my initiatives attract attention and offer real value to their target consumers, laying the groundwork for continued success and interest. During my time as an intern at Zoringa, I was able to put what I had learned into practice and take on increasing levels of responsibility for the projects I was working on. I have a strong desire to drive development and maximize return on investment, and I am motivated by challenges, creativity, and the tireless search of new solutions. I bring the same level of excitement, devotion, and whimsy to every project, whether it's coming up with ideas for a new advertising campaign, analyzing data to boost performance, or writing engaging content. Bringing humor into my professional life helps me make better relationships with others and creates an atmosphere conducive to achievement. Let's get in touch, share our knowledge, and set out on a path that will allow us to make a difference as a team.

Work experience

1 years 6 months

Kotian Photography

1 year 3 months

Sales and Marketing(Digital)

May 2023 - Present


My company, Kotain Photography, is a homegrown venture where I serve as a Sales and Marketing Expert. The  company offers photography and videography for engagements, weddings, and marriage ceremonies. I handle all of their social media marketing efforts, both free and paid. In my experience, the best results come from running lead advertisements on Meta, and then following up with a sales call to seal the transaction. The reach and outcomes of their Organic Posts have improved noticeably since I joined Kotian Photography. I am contributing to my employer's success by bringing in new business.

Zoringa Pvt Ltd

4 month

Digital Marketing Intern

February 2023 - May 2023


• Developed in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing strategies, including Content Marketing and SEO optimization • Collaborated with the Digital Marketing team to create and publish content on company blog, website and social media platforms • Researched and implemented best practices for SEO • Developed and implemented a campaign to successfully reach target audience.


BTCG First Grade College

2015 - 2018

Others in Economics

March 2015 - March 2018

Chosen Bachelor of Arts to support aspiration to fulfil UPSC dream. Partook in leadership roles, crisis management and more to further aspiration.


SEO Keyword Research, Meta Ads Project,Content Writing Project,Social Media Marketing Project

Sep 2022 - Present

Zoringa Pvt Ltd

The work that I completed during my internship as well as the work that I did during my certification time is included in the project, which I have included the link to. I have included the project that I worked on in the areas of Keyword Research, Meta Ads, Content Writing, and Social Media Marketing. I hope you find it useful. Throughout the course of the project, I picked up numerous useful skills, including those pertaining to organizing, logical thinking, copy writing, and targeting, amongst others.

Awards & achievements

Zoringa Pvt Ltd

Professional and Knowledgeable

May 2023