Shrikant Patil

Shrikant Patil

Technical Program Manager @ Medprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, IN • Joined Apr 2023


Full-stack JavaScript developer experienced in designing and implementing complex applications across the entire software development lifecycle. Proficient in utilising a wide range of JavaScript frameworks and libraries to deliver scalable and efficient solutions. Adept at using data-driven approaches to solve technical challenges and enhance the performance of applications. Strong communication and problem-solving skills, with a strategic mindset for effective planning and execution. Proven ability to work collaboratively within cross-functional teams, foster stakeholder relationships, and align project objectives with business goals.

Work experience

2 years 7 months

Org Logo

Medprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

2 years 7 months

Technical Program Manager

December 2021 - Present


Program Manager at Medprime Technologies. (Dec 2022-Present) • Designed an A.I assisted program for analysing infectious diseases in collaboration with IHF using Digital Microscopes. • Established multi-modal remote facilities and diagnostics centres for telepathology in partnership with ACT organisation. • Oversaw team of 10-15 individuals engaged in diverse software and production processes. • Collaborated directly with the CEO to implement recruitment strategy, project management, sales management, and people management. • Aligned sales efforts with company objectives to ensure seamless customer experiences. • Implemented CRM systems, monitored sales metrics, and provided strategic insights to senior management, contributing to significant revenue growth.


Relevel by Unacademy

2022 - Present

Full Stack Development

April 2022 - Present

I have completed a Full Stack Development course from Relevel by Unacademy. Leveraging my expertise in web development, software engineering, and programming languages, I have built various web applications from scratch. I have also authored various projects on React, Angular, and Node.js, and have worked on debugging, testing and deployment of multiple web applications. I'm also proficient in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL, having successfully developed many web applications using the same.

MGM's College of Engineering and Technology

2015 - 2019

Bachelor of Engineering

June 2015 - July 2019

Biotechnology Engineer with inclination to Computer Science and Full Stack Development, boasting hands-on experience via Internship and Bootcamp at Biocon and IIT Bombay, plus Paper Presentation at ICT. Engaged in multifarious activities including Product Design.



Mar 2023 - Present

- Developed a modern and user-oriented web application for a banking platform using React.js and Tailwind CSS. - Implemented custom React components and Tailwind CSS for improved UI/UX design and user experience. - Utilized JavaScript to respond to user interactions dynamically, improving user experience. - Collaborated with the development team to ensure functionality and efficiency of the website. - Enhanced the website's overall performance, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Jan 2023 - Mar 2023

Build and deploy E-commerce website- Build and deploy an e-commerce website using HTML, CSS, React (components, props, events, hooks), Node.js, Express.js (web API, body parser, file upload, JWT), MongoDB (Mongoose), and deploy on Render.

Awards & achievements

Relevel by Unacademy

Relevel Full Stack Development Test

May 2023