sagar Jadhao

Amravati, IN

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Working since 2022

Work experience

10 months

Avg tenure: 10 months

Bachelor of Engineering - BE

P R Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management Amravati

Aug 2016 - Aug 2021


An Industrial knowledgeable technical support engineer with a strong knowledge of industrial systems. Excels at problem-solving and consistently exceeds performance standards. Skilled in teamwork, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Demonstrates a calm and level-headed approach in high-pressure situations.

Work experience

10 months

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10 month


July 2022 - April 2023


Work Experience: - Technical Support Engineer, Masai School (Jul 2022 - Apr 2023) - Completed a rigorous Technical Support Engineer course at Masai School, showcasing dedication and commitment to professional growth. - Developed a solid foundation in various tools and tech stacks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, operating systems (Linux), command shell scripting, networking, and Sql. - Acquired hands-on practical experience, allowing for seamless troubleshooting and issue resolution. - Demonstrated proficiency in collaborative tools like GitHub, ensuring efficient teamwork and streamlined project management. - Consistently provided top-notch customer service by effectively resolving technical issues and delivering exceptional support. - Successfully built two projects, showcasing the ability to apply learned skills to practical scenarios.


P R Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management Amravati

2016 - 2021

Bachelor of Engineering - BE in Electrical Engineering

August 2016 - August 2021

Participated in "Mr. and Miss Amravati Session 2," a district-level beauty pageant in 2021. Achieved the "Best Walk Title." Won first prize in a Rakhi-making competition dedicated to soldiers, demonstrating creativity and support for armed forces. Engaged in garba competitions and fashion shows, enhancing talents, stage presence, and confidence. Committed to exploring diverse interests beyond the curriculum, fostering resilience and community. Demonstrates adaptability and excellence in various environments, reflecting personal growth.


Github Onbording Process

Mar 2023 - Mar 2023


Description: GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. Features : * Ppt pages for onboarding * Hosting and managing the co Tech Stack Used:- HTML | CSS | Reveal.js Area Of Responsibility:- worked on Presentation and designing part. A collaborative project built by a team of 2 in 2 days.

Clone of ZARA.com

Sep 2022 - Sep 2022


Navbar | login & Sign in page Product Page | Add To Bag Page Help Page | Footer Page Description: Clone of the popular online shopping Zara.com where users can buy fashion-related products. Features : Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. An individual project developed in 5 days

Awards & achievements

P R Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management Amravati

Mr. Amravati Icon 2021 Seasion-2 Best Walk Title.

Jan 2021