Sonu Kumar

Sonu Kumar

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IN • Joined Jul 2023


Experienced professional with exceptional time-management and leadership skills, adept at effectively prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines. Proven track record of successfully leading teams and achieving goals, while maintaining honesty and integrity. Excited and adventurous, I thrive in dynamic environments and quickly adapt to new challenges. A quick learner, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to drive success in any organization.

Work experience

1 years 6 months


1 year


January 2023 - Present

Part time

1. Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills by effectively resolving customer inquiries and complaints, resulting in a 95% customer satisfaction rate. 2. Adapted quickly to new software systems, efficiently managing and organizing data to improve team productivity by 20%. 3. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies, resulting in a 15% increase in brand awareness. 4. Consistently met and exceeded monthly sales targets, utilizing persuasive communication skills to drive revenue growth by 25%. 5. Proactively identified and resolved operational inefficiencies, implementing streamlined processes that reduced costs by 15%. 6. Showcased exceptional time management abilities by successfully multitasking and prioritizing tasks, resulting in meeting project deadlines ahead of schedule. 7. Actively participated in professional development opportunities, enhancing knowledge and skills in areas such as customer service, sales techniques, and project management. 8. Exhibited strong teamwork and collaboration skills, fostering positive relationships with colleagues to achieve common goals and complete projects successfully. 9. Demonstrated a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence by consistently going above and beyond assigned responsibilities. 10. Quickly adapted to changing work environments and demonstrated flexibility in handling diverse tasks and responsibilities.



2022 - Present

Full Stack Web Development

September 2022 - Present

Currently pursuing a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp course from the wonderful platform Acciojob, where I am immersing myself in a dynamic learning environment. This transformative experience has enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of various technologies and frameworks essential to develop cutting-edge web applications. With a focus on practical implementation, I am actively involved in hands-on projects, honing my skills in building responsive and intuitive user interfaces. Embracing the challenges that arise in this fast-paced program, I consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to mastering programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks including React and Node.js. By actively participating in group projects, I have developed exceptional teamwork and collaboration skills, allowing me to effectively communicate and contribute to the success of multifaceted projects. This immersive bootcamp has not only expanded my technical knowledge but also cultivated my ability to think critically and problem-solve efficiently. As I continue to push my boundaries, I eagerly anticipate leveraging my newfound expertise to create impactful and innovative web solutions that drive user engagement and satisfaction.


2022 - 2022

Typing in Typing with Eng-40words/min & Hin-35worss/min

June 2022 - December 2022

Educational Achievements: - Demonstrated proficiency in English with a typing speed of 40 words per minute. - Exhibited strong skills in Hindi with a typing speed of 35 words per minute.


May 2021 - May 2022

Education: - Acquired comprehensive knowledge of computer fundamentals, including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Internet usage, Tally, C programming language, HTML, operating systems, and Visual Basics.

Mahatma Gandhi Central University , Motihari

2016 - 2021

B SC Maths (Honours)

October 2016 - June 2021

I successfully completed my graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Central University Motihari, consistently maintaining a high level of dedication and commitment throughout my academic journey. This solid foundation equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge in my chosen field of study. By actively participating in diverse coursework, engaging in rigorous research projects, and collaborating with talented peers, I cultivated a strong understanding of the subject matter and developed exceptional critical thinking abilities. Additionally, I actively sought out opportunities to enhance my learning, such as attending seminars, workshops, and conferences, which further broadened my perspective and allowed me to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. My education at Mahatma Gandhi Central University Motihari has prepared me to tackle complex challenges and make a significant impact in my future endeavors.


Cyber Security

Aug 2018 - Nov 2018

Mahatma Gandhi Central University , Motihari

- Developed and implemented comprehensive cyber security protocols to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats. - Conducted thorough vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to identify and address potential weaknesses in the system. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices in cyber security. - Proactively monitored and analyzed network traffic to detect and mitigate any suspicious activities or intrusions. - Educated and trained employees on cyber security awareness and best practices to foster a culture of security consciousness.

Awards & achievements

Mahatma Gandhi Central University , Motihari

Tech Fields

Nov 2018

Singing, Music & Playing Musical Instrument

Aug 2013


Athletics and Sports

Sep 2012