Sarthak Kulkarni

Sarthak Kulkarni

Quality Engineering Associate @ Accenture

Sangli, IN • Joined Aug 2023

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Master's graduate with a strong academic record (9 pointer) and bachelor's in Computer Science. Demonstrated effective time-management and leadership skills as proven by securing a position at Accenture in August 2022.

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1 years 11 months

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1 year 11 months

Quality Engineering Associate

August 2022 - Present


Performed manual testing to identify and resolve software bugs, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and execute comprehensive test plans. Streamlined testing processes, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced time-to-market. Communicated findings and recommendations to stakeholders, facilitating effective decision-making and problem-solving. Contributed to the successful launch of multiple software products and enhancements.



2021 - 2023

Master of Computer Application -MCA in Computer Application

June 2021 - June 2023

EDUCATION DETAILS: - Computer Application CGPA: 9.0 NARRATIVE: During my academic journey, I pursued a Master's degree in Computer Application and achieved an impressive CGPA of 9.0. This educational experience has profoundly impacted my knowledge and skills in various aspects of computer applications and technology. Throughout my curriculum, I actively engaged in impactful projects and coursework, consistently striving for excellence. I successfully implemented advanced programming languages, such as Python and Java, to develop efficient and innovative solutions. By leveraging my strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, I tackled complex coding challenges with precision and creativity.



Jul 2023 - Present


- Implemented Jira Agile frameworks to efficiently track and manage bug fixing process in project - Prioritized and assigned bugs to appropriate team members based on severity and impact - Collaborated closely with development team to diagnose and resolve bugs in a timely manner - Conducted thorough testing and debugging to identify root causes and implement effective solutions - Successfully resolved a significant number of bugs, improving overall project functionality and user experience - Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail in ensuring all bugs were addressed and fixed

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Best Class Representative

May 2022