Kunal Bonte

Kunal Bonte

Akola, IN • Joined Aug 2023


Experienced professional with a strong track record in problem-solving and ownership. Successfully coordinated technical and non-technical events, demonstrating excellent organizational and leadership skills. Completed a comprehensive course on customer relationship management, acquiring in-depth knowledge and skills in CRM. Gained hands-on experience in sustainable development through a specialized Coursera program and an internship in renewable energy system development and waste management.


PES Modern College of Engineering Pune

2019 - 2023

Bachelor of Engineering - BE in Electrical Engineering

August 2019 - June 2023

- Coordinated and managed a diverse range of technical and non-technical events, showcasing strong leadership and organizational skills. - Demonstrated exceptional management abilities as the head of technical and non-technical divisions in my fourth year, highlighting effective decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. - Took charge of documentation responsibilities in my third year, ensuring accurate and efficient record-keeping. - Spearheaded a project competition as the coordinator, overseeing all aspects of the event from initial planning to flawless execution.


MATLAB based implementation of GWO-PSO optimization for water level control in coupled tank system using microcontroller

Jun 2022 - Present

PES Modern College of Engineering Pune

Awards & achievements

PES Modern College of Engineering Pune

2nd Winner of national level project competition

Apr 2023

PES Modern College of Engineering Pune

Customer relationship mangement

Sep 2022

PES Modern College of Engineering Pune

Renewable energy and waste management internship

Dec 2021