Ashfaq Ali

Associate Manager (Lead-MH) @ Flipkart pvt ltd

Bengaluru, IN • Joined Jul 2023


Versatile, growth-oriented, and excellent organizer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and 8+ years of solid experience in logistics and dispatch management, customer service development, inventory control, and warehouse management system in a variety of FMCG and non-FMCG industries. A committed and proficient analyst with a proven track record of success in the optimization of inventory planning, managing multiple databases, software, and systems to organizing and controlling the utilization of available resources for warehouse management and constantly developing inventory operations, shipment quality, and innovative ways to exceed customer expectations for the organization's growth. Enthusiastic and charismatic communicator with a great team-oriented attitude holds high competency in demonstrating customer needs and resolution, interacting and negotiating with suppliers and staff, and building strong relationship with vendors and facilitating training for team

Work experience

9 years 11 months

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Flipkart pvt ltd

3 years

Associate Manager (Lead-MH)

June 2021 - Present


- Achieved a significant improvement in overall compliance, increasing it from 99% to 99.9%. - Utilized value stream mapping to achieve 187,000 productive hours with a workforce of 180, resulting in the attainment of 1,039 items per person (IPP) and optimization of a 30,000 square feet layout. - Implemented proper material management methods, including 5s, Lean management, and kaizen, resulting in reduced operational costs. - Successfully reduced CPD breaches from 1,500 shipments per week to 1,100 shipments. - Applied pyramid management techniques to reduce workflow stress and increase productivity. - Implemented a strategic hiring strategy for blue-collar workers to improve skilled work enforcement and decrease discrepancies and non-compliance in sales, ultimately achieving targets. - Exceeded financial objectives by closely monitoring production and warehouse operations. - Oversaw hub operations and effectively managed process engineering to ensure optimal performance. - Designed layouts, implemented kaizen and process improvements, and maximized manpower utilization. - Trained ground-level management to enhance team performance and motivation towards goals and objectives. - Actively participated in cross-functional team discussions to manage stakeholders effectively. - Proactively solved operational hurdles through process design and re-engineering initiatives. - Prepared and presented daily or night shift reports and analysis to superiors. - Implemented performance enhancement measures across all operational aspects. - Trained supervisors on floor improvement techniques and effective manpower handling to increase productivity. - Established key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitored day-to-day performance activities. - Organized team meetings on Google Meet and analyzed daily reports for effective decision-making. - Created and maintained a roster for blue-collar employees to balance the workforce according to business needs. - Ensured operational consistency and cost-effectiveness by establishing and maintaining efficient work processes. - Managed and coordinated warehouse personnel to meet daily fulfillment operations and maintenance requirements. - Provided direction and oversight for training operations and enforced company policies while ensuring personnel safety. - Handled 3PL facilities with different processes such as MLS, cross-dock, RH, and returns. - Demonstrated expertise in fulfillment processes including inward, storage/inventory, packaging, and outward. - Managed end-to-end operations in mother hub operations, including DH, TH, 3PL, and IRT. - Proficiently handled operation errors in LMS, HMS, TMS, and TC apps.

GSL Alshirawi Fm Dubai

6 years

Customer Service Representative

March 2015 - February 2021


- Identified and assessed customers' needs to achieve satisfaction - Built sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication - Provided accurate, valid, and complete information by utilizing the right methods/tools - Handled and evaluated customer complaints, demonstrated solutions and alternatives within specified time limits - Followed up to ensure resolution and integrated records of customer interactions, processed accounts, and filed documents - Implemented improvement systems and processes to reduce inventory setbacks, minimize costs, and maximize working capital - Coordinated with municipality, suppliers, and logistics departments - Devised strategies to optimize inventory control procedures, inspected levels of business supplies and raw materials to identify shortages - Secured product stock that is adequate for all distribution channels - Recorded daily deliveries and shipments to reconcile inventory - Operated software to monitor demand and document characteristics of inventory - Placed orders to replenish stock, avoiding insufficiencies

El-Shaddai Global Solution

10 month

Web Programmer

June 2014 - March 2015


- Actively supported hardware systems, providing troubleshooting and assistance with OS installations including Windows XP, 7, and 8. - Assembled and resolved temporary issues with CPUs, addressing problems efficiently. - Demonstrated proficiency in printer maintenance, resolving paper jams, toner replacements, and driver installations. - Successfully troubleshooted and resolved laptop issues, ensuring optimal performance. - Utilized expertise in web programming to design and modify HTML and HTML5 sites using Dreamweaver and Visual Studio. - Demonstrated proficiency in CSS and jQuery, enhancing site aesthetics and functionality. - Developed skills in PHP and Wamp, effectively contributing to website development projects. - Utilized Photoshop skills to edit and enhance photos, design templates, and create ID cards and Android templates. - Demonstrated aptitude in Flash Design, producing visually appealing and interactive elements. - Leveraged expertise in Coral Draw to design logos, showcasing creativity and design skills. - Achieved a notable increase in production speed, improving efficiency by 50% in July 2014 compared to June 2014. - Rapidly progressed from a beginner to an expert in the assigned work, gaining mastery and delivering exceptional results.



2010 - 2013

BCA in Computers

July 2010 - July 2013


CPD Breaches using IRT Handover Tracker

Feb 2022 - Present

Flipkart pvt ltd

- Controlled CPD breaches through effective utilization of the IRT handover tracker. - Successfully reduced high aging from approximately 1500 to 1100 within a week of implementation. - Achieved a noteworthy 20% drop in noncompliance rates. - Passionately implemented strategies to help mitigate CPD breaches and address high aging issues. - Demonstrated commitment by actively contributing to the reduction of noncompliance through proactive measures.

Material and Location Utilization

May 2020 - Jul 2020

GSL Alshirawi Fm Dubai

- Implemented a project to optimize location capacity, resulting in reducing the capacity from one pallet per location to multiple pallets per location - Successfully reduced material utilization from single items to multiple items, leading to a cost reduction for the customer from 1L AED to 50K on monthly billing - This cost reduction allowed the customer to increase their capacity and add more locations - Achieved a significant decrease in storage capacity from 1500 locations to 700 pallets through the project implementation - As a result of this achievement, customers were able to increase their location capacity from 1500 to 3000 pallets, leading to a substantial increase in the company's profit.

Material replenishment,

Mar 2019 - Apr 2019

GSL Alshirawi Fm Dubai

- Implemented material replenishment system to streamline picking and putaway processes, resulting in improved efficiency and speed in loading and unloading materials - Successfully reduced manpower requirements by 50% through the implementation of the material replenishment system - Enabled faster and easier loading and unloading of materials, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs - Achieved a 25% reduction in manpower by effectively implementing the material replenishment system, resulting in significant cost savings for the project.

pyramid Picking (Time Management)

Sep 2018 - Oct 2018

GSL Alshirawi Fm Dubai

- Implemented database changes to optimize the picking process, resulting in significant time savings for pickers - Streamlined picking operations, allowing loaders to load trucks at a faster rate - Improved overall efficiency and productivity in the warehouse operations

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Cut-off Compliance

Dec 2021