Trapti Saraswat

Trapti Saraswat

Accounts and Finance Manager @ Knockout MMA Academy

Bhopal, IN • Joined Jul 2023


Detail-oriented junior accountant with 2 years of experience in providing accurate and efficient financial reports and 1 years 7 months experience in sales and management. Highly skilled in reconciling accounts, maintaining financial records, and analyzing data. Adept at streamlining processes to improve efficiency and accuracy, while demonstrating a strong foundation in accounting principles and software proficiency. Excellent communicator , good at maintaing relationship with clients and closing deals. keen eye for detail and commitment to continuous professional growth.

Work experience

2 years 11 months

Knockout MMA Academy

1 year

Accounts and Finance Manager

March 2023 - Present


- Meticulously maintained and recorded financial statements with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and currency of documentation. - Managed both management and sales responsibilities, effectively coordinating and overseeing daily operations. - Excelled in customer service by greeting customers, addressing inquiries, and enhancing engagement with merchandise. - Introduced promotions and opportunities to drive customer interest and boost sales. - Played a key role in increasing company revenue by 40% through proactive sales strategies. - Spearheaded the streamlining of bookkeeping processes, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and time management. - Prepared various financial documents such as invoices, receipts, payments, and critical paperwork with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

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SBI Life Insurance

2 years 7 months

Insurance Advisor

December 2021 - Present


- Engaged in face-to-face consultations with clients, delivering expert financial guidance and advice, while conducting in-depth evaluations of their financial portfolios. - Delivered consistent and reliable assistance to policyholders, promptly addressing inquiries and resolving concerns. - Conducted comprehensive assessments of risk to establish eligibility criteria for various insurance policies. - Employed exceptional communication abilities to establish strong connections and foster trust with clients, facilitating effective dialogues on intricate insurance matters. - Delivered outstanding customer service and provided support for insurance-related inquiries. - Established a foundation for long-term client acquisition through the utilization of referrals, as well as targeted outreach to occupational and special interest groups. - Assisted in providing online technical support, including reviewing and updating customer accounts. - Created and implemented business and marketing plans to acquire new clients.

Abhay Rajput and Company

1 year

Accounts Traniee

January 2022 - February 2023


- Collaborated with the senior accountant to streamline the accounts payable and receivables management process, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. - Conducted financial analysis to identify trends and provide valuable insights for decision-making. - Played a key role in monthly bank reconciliations, ensuring accurate recording of transactions and maintaining financial integrity. - Assisted in general ledger reconciliation and review, minimizing errors and discrepancies. - Utilized bookkeeping, payroll system, and financial reporting skills to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records. - Provided exceptional support to businesses and individuals in tax return preparation, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing deductions. - Contributed to the development of budgets and periodic reports, offering valuable input and aiding in financial planning. - Assisted with analysis of financial data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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5 month

Business Development Associate

August 2022 - December 2022


- Established and nurtured solid connections with new clients, fostering trust and loyalty. - Skillfully managed and nurtured existing client relationships, ensuring ongoing satisfaction and repeat business. - Organized and updated client information systematically in the CRM database, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. - Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to execute growth strategies, resulting in increased market share and revenue. - Devised and implemented innovative sales strategies, client service and retention plans, and conducted thorough analysis of sales data to drive effective marketing campaigns. - Assisted in the creation of compelling business plans, persuasive sales pitches, impactful presentations, and informative reference materials. - Demonstrated exceptional project management skills, effectively handling multiple concurrent projects while meeting all deadlines. - Proactively identified and pursued new business opportunities and strategic partnerships to drive growth and expand market reach.

Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

4 month

Accounting and Finance Intern

September 2020 - December 2020


- Generated and maintained meticulous and precise models, charts, and reports. - Compiled and synthesized Materials and Financial Data to support Leadership Meetings. - Organised various activities for creating awareness for clients and bringing investment for new projects of smart city bhopal. - Managed the processing and archiving of daily tax invoices. - Extracted Sales data to Excel documents for identification of product sales trends.


Jagran Lake city University

2018 - 2021

Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Accounting and finance

July 2018 - June 2021

- Graduated with 8.34 CGPA, and acquired knowledge in advanced accounting, finance, economics, and business management. -Took multiple sessions and managed the students as a part of the career development committee. - Organised various events, participated in projects, and volunteered for NGOs and Donation Drives. - Headed Entrepreneurship Incubation department - Participated in various extracurricular activities where I learned technical and soft skills. - Selected and Elected Class representative for two years.

Awards & achievements

SBI Life Insurance

Highest Sales Award

Aug 2022

Jagran Lake city University

Highest Achievement Award

May 2021

Jagran Lake city University

Winner of Police Comminonser Quiz Competion

Feb 2020