Hyderabad, IN • Joined Jul 2023


To work in a challenging and dynamic environment that provides me opportunities for learning and add value to the organization.

Work experience

2 months

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2 month


November 2022 - December 2022

Learned about Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and their applications in various industries


Sreyas Institute Of Engineering and Technology

2019 - 2023

B Tech in Electronics and communication

August 2019 - July 2023

- Organized numerous events as Secretary for the IEEE R&A Society, including seminars, debates, and various other activities. - Successfully coordinated a wide range of events under the IEEE R&A Society, serving as Secretary. These included seminars, debates, and numerous additional functions.

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Narayana Junior College

2017 - 2019


July 2017 - July 2019

G.Pulla Reddy Memorial School

2016 - 2017


July 2016 - July 2017


Plant leaf disease detection using image Processing and CNN

Jan 2023 - Jul 2023

Sreyas Institute Of Engineering and Technology

- Developed a project focused on plant leaf disease detection using image processing and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). - Utilized image processing techniques to analyze leaf images and identify signs of diseases. - Trained a CNN model using a large dataset of labeled leaf images to accurately classify different types of diseases. - Successfully achieved a high accuracy rate in disease detection using the trained CNN model. - Implemented preventive measures based on the detected diseases to minimize crop damage and enhance plant health. - Demonstrated the ability to leverage advanced technologies and algorithms to contribute to the field of agriculture and plant disease management.

Awards & achievements

Sreyas Institute Of Engineering and Technology

IEEE R&A society Secretary

Apr 2022