chaitanya sharma

chaitanya sharma

Network security , cyber security @ CETPA Infotech Pvt

Greater Noida, IN • Joined Jul 2023


Collaborated effectively with team members in a live cyber security project, showcasing exceptional interpersonal skills. Communicated project progress and findings to team and stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination. Demonstrated strong teamwork by actively participating in brainstorming sessions and contributing innovative solutions. Applied knowledge of network security principles to identify vulnerabilities and implement effective countermeasures.

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1 years

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CETPA Infotech Pvt

1 year

Network security , cyber security

June 2023 - Present


- Successfully completed training in cyber security and ethical hacking, acquiring in-depth knowledge and practical skills in identifying and preventing cyber threats - Proficient in Python programming, having completed comprehensive training in language basics, automation techniques, and graphical designing - Demonstrated ability to apply Python programming skills to design and develop automated solutions, improving efficiency and productivity - Skilled in graphical designing, utilizing Python's libraries and frameworks to create visually appealing and user-friendly graphical interfaces for software applications



2021 - Present

Bachelor of Technology - BTech in Electronics , Instrumentation and control engineering

February 2021 - Present

Education: - Completed a comprehensive training program in automation and network security. - Acquired practical knowledge of automation techniques and network security protocols. - Gained hands-on experience in implementing automation tools and maintaining network security measures. - Successfully completed coursework in automation and network security, demonstrating proficiency in relevant concepts and skills. - Developed a solid foundation in automation and network security through rigorous academic training.


System hacking (password attack)

Jul 2023 - Present

CETPA Infotech Pvt

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CETPA Infotech Pvt

Cyber security and ethical hacking

Jul 2023