Vikram Ghosh

Vikram Ghosh

Ambala, IN • Joined Jul 2023


Problem-solving and ownership are key strengths that I possess, making me an ideal candidate for both freshers. I am seeking a company that values and nurtures young talent, allowing me to apply the knowledge and skills gained during my college days. Your company's reputation for promoting growth and providing a supportive environment aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. With a range of positions that match my abilities and interests, I am excited to embark on a fulfilling career where I can work passionately and with great sincerity.

Work experience

6 months

Roshan agro industries

6 month

training engineer

July 2022 - December 2022


- Implemented and upheld stringent quality control protocols to guarantee the production of superior products - Executed thorough examinations and assessments on incoming raw materials, intermediate components, and finished goods to detect and rectify any flaws or deviations from specifications - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to devise and enhance quality control protocols, resulting in a substantial decrease in product defects and heightened customer satisfaction - Analyzed data from quality control tests to identify patterns, root causes, and areas for improvement, leading to the implementation of corrective and preventive measures - Developed and maintained extensive documentation of quality control procedures, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards. Bullet points: - Implemented rigorous quality control procedures, resulting in the production of high-quality products - Conducted thorough inspections and tests to identify and resolve defects or deviations from specifications - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to improve quality control processes, reducing product defects and increasing customer satisfaction - Analyzed data from quality control tests to identify trends and implement corrective and preventive actions - Developed and maintained comprehensive documentation of quality control procedures, ensuring compliance with industry regulations


Chitkara University (CU), Patiala

2019 - 2023

Bachelor of Technology - BTech in mechanical engineering

August 2019 - June 2023

I earned a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, showcasing a notable CGPA of 7.88. Throughout my academic journey, I actively pursued employment opportunities to not only expand my skillset but also apply the knowledge gained from my college education. I am strongly motivated to utilize the skills I have acquired during my academic tenure for my professional growth. With a strong foundation in mechanical engineering and a drive to excel, I am eager to contribute to a dynamic and innovative organization where I can make a significant impact.


case study on evaporating cooling tower

Mar 2022 - Jun 2022

Chitkara University (CU), Patiala

- Conducted extensive research on evaporative cooling tower technology to gain comprehensive knowledge of principles and applications. - Collaborated with engineers to design and optimize an innovative evaporative cooling tower system, highlighting problem-solving abilities. - Implemented and tested a cooling tower prototype, exhibiting attention to detail and commitment to precision. - Analyzed experimental data and applied critical thinking to identify areas for improvement, demonstrating strong analytical skills.

Awards & achievements

Chitkara University (CU), Patiala

3 rd position in basketball competion

Mar 2022

Chitkara University (CU), Patiala

1st position in 400 m

Jan 2022