customer service associate @ Tech Mahindra

Visakhapatnam, IN • Joined Apr 2023


Experienced customer support professional with 2.5 years experience providing high quality customer service. Possesses strong time-management and leadership skills. Proven track record of successfully resolving customer queries, managing customer relationships and creating customer loyalty. Demonstrated ability to analyze complex problems and deliver creative solutions. Possesses excellent communication and organizational skills. -Team player and self-motivated. -Leaderships skills - motivated and guide team -Time-management - prioritize tasks and deliver on-time -Customer Service - resolve queries and build relationships -Communication - deliver clear and concise messages -Organizational - plan and coordinate activities

Work experience

3 years 11 months

Tech Mahindra

2 years

customer service associate

February 2022 - Present


Provided customer support in Amazon process as a Customer Support Associate and cross trained for Amazon voice process. Demonstrated exceptional quality by consistently achieving 99% success rate. Collaborated with team to set and meet goals. Applied creative problem-solving skills to resolve customer inquiries. Utilized effective communication to ensure customer satisfaction. Assisted customers with product selection decisions. Maintained accurate records and documentation. Employed critical thinking skills to ensure customer inquiries were handled efficiently. Monitored customer service trends to anticipate customer needs. Addressed customer complaints in a timely and professional manner. Leveraged extensive product knowledge to assist customers with technical issues. Trained and assessed new associates on customer service processes. Provided efficient customer support in Amazon process as a Customer Support Associate and cross trained for Amazon voice process. Achieved high success rate of 99%, exceeding quality goals. Resolved customer inquiries with creative problem-solving methods. Ensured customer satisfaction through effective communication. Assisted customers with product selection. Maintained accurate records and documents. Applied critical thinking to handle customer inquiries quickly. Anticipated customer needs based on service trends. Promptly addressed customer complaints in a professional manner. Leveraged product knowledge to solve technical issues. Trained and evaluated new associates on customer service.

Vodafone distributor

1 year 5 months

Customer Service Executive

January 2018 - May 2019


Collected and processed customer forms, applied for SIM cards, and recharged vendors. Managed back end distribution end-to-end. Monitored stock level ensured customers received all necessary products and services. Engaged with vendors to ensure fast and accurate service delivery. Troubleshooted issues as they arose, optimized processes and identified opportunities for improvement. Implemented new technologies and processes to increase efficiency. Collaborated with multiple teams to meet customer demands. Developed and maintained strong relationships with vendors and customers. Researched and resolved complicated customer inquiries. Improved customer service and satisfaction by streamlining processes.



2019 - 2020

Diploma in Fire & Safety

June 2019 - July 2020

With a strong background in fire and safety, management, and environment management, I have developed a passion for advocating for a safe and sustainable future. I have acquired knowledge in these areas through comprehensive coursework and hands-on training, giving me a broad understanding of the current issues in this field. I have critical thinking and problem-solving skills that I have applied to various projects and initiatives. I am an experienced leader and have effectively managed multiple teams and projects. My knowledge of fire and safety, management, and environment management has enabled me to identify and implement strategies for a safe and sustainable future, as well as diagnose and resolve various issues. My diverse background allows me to bring a unique, multidisciplinary perspective to any project.

MRAGR government polytechnic

2013 - 2017

Diploma in Mechanical

June 2013 - November 2017

Undertook an industrial project at Varun Maruthi to conduct research on thermodynamic principles. Completed a bending machine project at MRAGR College.

Priyanka's Vidyodaya High School,Visakhapatnam

2012 - 2013


April 2012 - April 2013

Throughout my academic journey, my teachers have instilled in me the importance of good manners. They have provided me with guidance on how to conduct myself in various situations, ensuring I am prepared to handle any situation with respect and kindness. I have embraced their teachings, learning the value of courtesy and politeness in my daily interactions. Furthermore, I am confident in applying these skills to any environment I am confronted with, demonstrating my commitment to upholding proper etiquette.

Awards & achievements

Tech Mahindra

Best Performer

Nov 2022