Jawad Shaikh

Jawad Shaikh

Software Engineer. @ Datamatics Staffing Services

Mumbai, IN • Joined Jun 2023


A highly skilled and motivated full stack web developer committed to delivering high quality, efficient, and user-friendly web apps. Seeking a challenging position where I can utilize my technical proficiency for the success of my organization.

Work experience

2 years 5 months

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Datamatics Staffing Services

1 year

Software Engineer.

October 2022 - Present


- Spearheaded the development of embedded analytics solutions for HDFC Bank, leveraging Python and Azure to drive data-driven decisions and operational efficacy. - Pioneered the integration of AD-ID authentication with ldap3, augmenting security protocols and enabling frictionless access control. - Constructed a custom calculator for subvention calculations in the banking sector, simplifying complex financial processes and optimizing accuracy while reducing human errors. - Revolutionized various workflows with an automated approval system, eliminating the inefficiencies of manual approval processes and significantly boosting staff productivity. - Constructed data-driven web applications for stakeholders, exploiting big data and advanced features.

Cyphware infotech Pvt Ltd.

7 month

Software developer

January 2022 - July 2022


- Applied Python (Django), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery, ReactJs) to complete full-stack development in a high-velocity environment. - Made a vital contribution to constructing GoHopTrip, a sophisticated travel booking platform which enabled instantaneous cost updates and flexible seat selection. - Joined forces with front-end and back-end development teams to ensure streamlined workflow management, utilizing PostgreSQL, GitHub, and JIRA.


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Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology

2020 - 2022

Master's of computer applications in Computer Applications

August 2020 - April 2022

Achieved Oracle Academy certifications in Java Programming and Java Fundamentals. Constructed a working e-commerce website, titled sKart, with an admin page, login authentication, product cataloguing, billing, cart function, real-time product availability, and notifications to replenish out-of-stock items. Built a blockchain-based smart contract system for house rent agreements between landlords and tenants.

Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerce

2017 - 2020

Bachelor's of Science in (Computer science) in Computer science

June 2017 - May 2020

Contributed to multiple projects, including a solo project, designing a comprehensive CRM for food vendors with product cataloguing, billing, admin dashboard, and user page with login functionality. Acquired in-depth knowledge in UI/UX design, implementing Adobe Xd, Figma, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to craft engaging web pages.


ME SUBVENTION UTILITY - Enhanced Financial Support Solution

Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

Datamatics Staffing Services

The ME Subvention Utility is an advanced web application that simplifies subvention processes for bank staff and merchants. It features a custom subvention calculator for staff members to initiate request forms. These forms require approval from higher authorities based on requested subvention amounts. With an admin login, user authentication, and a dashboard with tracking capabilities, the system offers comprehensive control. Email notifications alert approvers of new requests. Built on Microsoft Azure's AD Authentication with LDAP3 integration, the system ensures secure login authentication. This solution optimizes subvention management, enhancing efficiency and transparency for banks and merchants.


Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

Cyphware infotech Pvt Ltd.

- Spearheaded full-stack development with Python (Django), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery, ReactJs) in an agile environment - Played key role in creating GoHopTrip, a travel booking platform with real-time pricing and dynamic seat selection - Collaborated on front-end and back-end development, leveraging PostgreSQL, GitHub, and JIRA for optimized workflow - Ensured streamlined project execution with efficient collaboration and project management

HR Learning and Development Tracking Utility - Empowering Gr

Feb 2022 - May 2022

Datamatics Staffing Services

The HR Learning and Development Tracking Utility is an internal project meticulously crafted to optimize employee productivity and foster continuous development. This advanced system empowers employees to meticulously record their activities and seamlessly submit requests for approval. Upon approval, these activities are aptly marked as completed, nurturing a culture of unwavering achievement. By harnessing invaluable insights into individual progress and collective learning endeavors, this utility enables HR teams to discern areas for improvement and tailor bespoke training programs. It stands as an indispensable tool for cultivating excellence and empowering employees to assertively navigate their journey of personal and professional growth.

Awards & achievements

Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerce

District level Basketball player

Sep 2017