Vijayawada, IN • Joined Jul 2023


With Electronics and Communication Engineering degree, this well-known organized person is looking for entry-level employment where I can develop my incredible abilities and leadership qualities in the field of developing and challenging the new innovative activities and make the respected company successful.

Work experience

4 months

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South central railway

2 month


May 2023 - June 2023


- Completed a 6-week internship in the Signal and Telecommunication Department at South Central Railways in Vijayawada. - Assisted in the maintenance and troubleshooting of signal and telecommunication systems. - Collaborated with team members to implement upgrades and improvements to existing systems. - Conducted research and analysis to identify potential areas for system optimization. - Participated in team meetings and contributed ideas to enhance overall efficiency and performance

Microlink information technologies

2 month

Embedded Systems Designing Concepts

August 2022 - September 2022


Successfully completed two months internship, contributing to team projects and achieving project goals. Collaborated with colleagues to streamline processes, resulting in increased efficiency. Assisted in the implementation of new strategies, resulting in improved productivity and client satisfaction.


Usha Rama College of Engineering and Technology, Telaprolu

2021 - Present

Bachelor of Technology - BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

January 2021 - Present

- Actively pursuing a B. Tech degree, currently in the 4th year, with an impressive 81.57% academic performance. - Engaged in diverse cultural, technical, and non-technical events, showcasing leadership and interpersonal skills, both within my college and renowned institutions. - Demonstrated commitment to professional development through participation in multiple technical workshops and completion of valuable internships. - Contributed to the community as a dedicated member of the National Service Scheme (NSS).

M. P. R. M Sri Viswasanthi Mahila Junior College

2018 - 2020


June 2018 - August 2020

I successfully completed my intermediate education at MPRM Sri Viswasanthi Mahila Junior College, a reputable institution under the esteemed Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education. Throughout my two-year tenure, I consistently demonstrated exceptional academic performance, achieving a remarkable CGPA of 9.32. This accomplishment reflects my unwavering dedication and drive for excellence in my education. By consistently applying myself and utilizing effective study techniques, I was able to excel in my coursework and maintain an impressive academic record. My time at MPRM Sri Viswasanthi Mahila Junior College has equipped me with a solid foundation and prepared me to take on new challenges in my future academic pursuits and professional endeavors.


2017 - 2018

10th Standard in Science

June 2017 - April 2018

In 2018, I achieved a significant milestone in my academic journey by successfully completing the 10th standard and obtaining my Secondary School Certificate. This accomplishment showcases my determination, perseverance, and dedication towards my education. Throughout this pivotal year, I actively engaged in rigorous coursework, excelling in various subjects and consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic. By embracing challenges head-on and consistently striving for excellence, I not only fulfilled the requirements for the 10th standard but also acquired valuable skills such as critical thinking, time management, and effective communication. My successful completion of this academic level serves as a testament to my commitment to personal growth and academic achievement.

Awards & achievements

Yellow 7th Kyu in the art of Shito- Ryu Karate- Do

Feb 2016


Oct 2015

Interhouse shotput Athletics

Aug 2015

AstraGen prescribed course of study

Jun 2014

CompuGen prescribed course of study

Apr 2012