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Rutuja More

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Searching for an entry-level opportunity with an esteemed organization where I can utilize my skills and enhance learning in the field of work. Capable of mastering new technologies.


Nanasaheb mahadik college of engineering peth

2019 - 2023

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering

August 2019 - August 2023

I attained my secondary school education at New English School Kasarshirambe, where I excelled and achieved a remarkable score of 89.80%. During this time, I actively engaged in various academic activities, developing a strong foundation for my future educational pursuits. Continuing my educational journey, I completed my higher secondary education at Sadguru Gadage Maharaj College Karad. Despite facing challenges, I demonstrated resilience and determination, achieving a commendable score of 62.31%. Throughout my time at this institution, I actively participated in extracurricular activities, honing my leadership and communication skills. Driven by my passion for technology, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Nanasaheb Mahadik College. With unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, I graduated with a notable score of 78.4%. Throughout my tenure. My educational journey has equipped me with a strong academic foundation, problem-solving abilities, and a drive for continuous learning. These experiences have nurtured my passion for computer science and engineering, and I am eager to bring these skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully in a professional environment.


QR Code Based Bus Pass and Attendance System

Aug 2022 - Present

Nanasaheb mahadik college of engineering peth

- Developed an android application for College/School bus transport to streamline the process of issuing passes and managing attendance - Implemented a two-login system, one for students and one for admin, ensuring secure access and user-specific functionalities - Successfully improved the efficiency of college bus transport by eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and reducing administrative workload - Enhanced student experience by providing a convenient and user-friendly platform for managing bus passes and tracking attendance.

Library Management System

Apr 2023 - Present

- Developed a library management system to efficiently store and manage book data, including storage, searching, updating, and removal of books information - Implemented a feature to showcase top-rated books, enhancing user experience and facilitating book recommendations - Successfully streamlined the process of managing and organizing books, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced manual effort - Contributed to the seamless retrieval of book information, ensuring easy access for library staff and users

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I got first rank in 10th in my School

Jun 2017