Kamarthi Mohan

Kamarthi Mohan

Data Processing Analyst @ IndiVillage

Kurnool, IN • Joined Jan 2023


A motivated, organized and reliable individual with excellent communication and time-management skills. Demonstrated leadership capabilities through organizing and leading project teams. Experienced in developing strategies, executing plans and achieving results. Proven success in managing multiple tasks and deadlines effectively. Seeking a position where I can contribute to the success of the organization.

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4 years 4 months

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4 years

Data Processing Analyst

March 2020 - Present


Experienced data annotator adept at creating accurate labels and annotations for datasets. Skilled in managing data-labeling projects, including assessing data sources, developing annotation guidelines, and verifying results. Possesses excellent organizational and communication skills to ensure accuracy and timely project completion. Offers a solid understanding of data annotation tools and techniques. Demonstrated success in producing high-quality, detailed annotations and labeling data with speed and accuracy. Expertly created accurate labels and annotations for datasets. Provided oversight to data-labeling projects from assessing data sources to verifying results. Demonstrated excellence in organizational and communication skills for error-free and timely project completion. Demonstrated command of data annotation tools and techniques. Produced high-quality, detailed annotations and labeled data quickly and accurately. Assessed data sources and developed annotation guidelines. Verified results of data-labeling projects. Facilitated efficient and error-free completion of projects.


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Rayalaseema University (RU), Kurnool

2016 - 2019

Bachelor's of computer science in Computer science

June 2016 - April 2019

I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Rayalaseema University, providing me with the skills and knowledge to confidently tackle challenging projects. With a solid foundation in programming languages and software engineering, I am prepared to utilize my expertise in any organization. My educational background has enabled me to develop a wide range of technical abilities, allowing me to identify solutions and create innovative solutions for complex programming systems.



Jun 2020 - Present


- Developed a project to accurately label and identify weeds in various agricultural crops - Utilized image recognition technology to automate the process and save time for farmers - Successfully trained a model to identify and classify different types of weeds in real-time - Collaborated with agricultural experts and farmers to gather a comprehensive dataset for training the model - Improved the efficiency of weed management by providing timely and accurate identification, leading to increased crop yields - Presented the project at industry conferences, receiving positive feedback for its potential impact in the agriculture sector

Arugus Video annotations

Apr 2022 - Nov 2022


- Developed and executed a comprehensive project plan for video editing project - Collaborated with clients and video production team to ensure project objectives were met - Utilized advanced editing techniques to enhance video quality and visual appeal - Demonstrated strong attention to detail by reviewing and revising video content for accuracy and consistency - Successfully delivered final video project on time and within budget - Received positive feedback from clients and team members for exceptional project management skills

Appen Video annotations

Aug 2020 - Sep 2020


- Developed and implemented a project utilizing the Appen platform for efficient data annotations and video annotations. - Utilized Appen to accurately annotate and classify large volumes of data, resulting in improved data quality and enhanced machine learning models. - Successfully utilized Appen to annotate videos, enabling the extraction of meaningful insights and patterns, leading to data-driven decision making. - Demonstrated strong proficiency in leveraging Appen to annotate and organize data, resulting in streamlined data processing and reduced manual effort. - Effectively utilized the Appen platform to drive the success of the project, delivering high-quality annotated data and contributing to overall project objectives.

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Feb 2021