Aniket verma

Aniket verma

Project coordinator @ Damoh Bpo

Aurangabad, IN • Joined Jul 2023

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Skilled and Experienced Java Developer with 3 Years of Experience (PWD) - Available Now to Contribute to Your Team Immediately.

Work experience

4 years 9 months

Damoh Bpo

6 month

Project coordinator

February 2024 - Present


Assignment task to development team


3 years

Software Engineer

February 2021 - January 2024


Developed and maintained impactful web applications utilizing Java and Spring Boot. Demonstrated expertise in coding, debugging, and troubleshooting to enhance functionality. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces. Streamlined processes, resulting in increased efficiency and improved user experience. Implemented innovative solutions to optimize performance and meet project objectives. I am a disabled candidate

L&T Financial Services

1 year 3 months

Front Line Officer

August 2018 - October 2019

- Streamlined loan and overdraft (OD) collection process to improve efficiency and reduce outstanding balances. - Provided technical support and guidance to team members, resulting in increased productivity and proficiency in handling collections.

Org Logo

L&T Finance

1 year 3 months

Frontline officer

August 2018 - October 2019

Loan and OD Collection, Technical support for the team members.


Maharaja Chhattrasal Bundelkhand University

2019 - Present

MBA/PGDM in Finance

May 2019 - Present

maharaja chhattrasal Bundelkhand university

2017 - 2019

MBA/PGDM in Finance

May 2017 - May 2019


2017 - 2019

MBA/PGDM in Finance

May 2017 - May 2019


2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Engineering - BE in Electronics and Communication

August 2011 - August 2015

EDUCATION - Actively participated in various events, including event management roles, receiving recognition and appreciation. Note: The rephrased statement conveys the same information in a more professional and action-oriented manner, suitable for inclusion in a resume.

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), Bhopal

2011 - 2015

B.Tech/B.E. in Electronics/Telecommunication

May 2011 - May 2015

Madhya Pradesh

2005 - 2007

Class XII

December 2005 - December 2007


2006 - 2007

12th in Maths Science

July 2006 - April 2007


2004 - 2005

10th in All Subjects

July 2004 - March 2005


Algo trading sofware

Mar 2023 - Present


- Developed and implemented a highly efficient aalgo trading website, utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. - Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills by identifying and resolving technical issues, resulting in improved website performance and user experience. - Collaborated with a team of developers to design and create intuitive user interfaces, enhancing the overall functionality and usability of the website. - Researched and incorporated cutting-edge technologies to continuously improve the website's capabilities and stay ahead of industry trends. - Successfully executed rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure the website's reliability and accuracy. - Showcased a passion for finance and technology by staying updated on the latest developments in algorithmic trading and applying them to the website's features.

Healthcare webapp

Aug 2021 - Jun 2022


- Developed a healthcare web application designed to provide doctors with access to patients' medical history, prescriptions, and test reports. - Implemented functionality to enable doctors to arrange emergency medical treatment for patients. - Incorporated a feature that offers healthcare tips to patients. - Improved patient care by ensuring doctors have easy and efficient access to crucial patient information. - Streamlined the medical treatment process by allowing doctors to view patients' prescription history and test reports.

Education Website

May 2020 - Feb 2021


- Created and implemented an online exam portal to streamline the examination process. - Developed a user-friendly interface for students to easily access and take exams online. - Designed and integrated various question types including multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, and essay questions. - Implemented a secure authentication system to ensure only authorized individuals can access and submit exams. - Incorporated a timer feature to track and manage exam duration for each student. - Generated detailed reports and analysis of exam results for instructors to evaluate student performance. - Improved efficiency by reducing the need for physical exam papers and manual grading. - Successfully launched the online exam portal, resulting in increased accessibility and convenience for students and instructors.

Stepper motor drive

Jan 2015 - Jun 2015


- Designed and implemented a robust stepper motor drive system for heavy-duty applications in rotating machines - Demonstrated exceptional remote control capabilities to efficiently operate the motor in a specific direction - Showcased a strong passion for creating efficient and reliable motor control systems for industrial use - Successfully integrated the stepper motor drive into the existing machinery, enhancing its functionality and performance.

Awards & achievements

Training program

Jan 2018